15 Tips to Stay Healthy Even though You Stay Up Often

Although it is well known that staying up late is not a good thing, some workers are required to stay up at night. So inevitably have to stay up.

Some professions that make often stay up late like police, nurses, mechanics, plant operators, security guards, and others.

Where, by staying up late the body causes weakness, fatigue until sometimes the head hurts, because indeed the most quality sleep time is at night. Humans need quality sleep.

Also, staying up late can also make a person stricken with sleep problems which are quite severe.

This sleep disturbance problem is not kidding, because it can affect feelings to the condition of the heart.

Health experts explain that the habit of not sleeping at night can put a person at higher risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, and heart rhythm problems.

Another problem is the onset of depression. In a study conducted by experts, published in Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, it was explained that nocturnal people (not sleeping in the day) can be three times more susceptible to depression than those who are diligent in getting up early (sleeping at night ).

Said by experts, this can occur due to lack of sunlight and vitamin D3.

Another cause is because he will be very different from many people who generally sleep at night and work during the day.

Here are tips to be able to stay awake even though you often stay up late enough:

1. Don’t Forget to Sleep During the Day –

Sleeping during the day is useful for blood circulation because when it’s hot, it becomes the right time to rest or sleep temporarily.

Napping is also useful so that daily sleep needs can be met properly, where humans need to sleep for 7-8 hours a day.

Not everyone has the opportunity to get enough sleep at night, especially if working on the night shift for a full week. So that a nap can refresh the mind and body. The benefits can also reduce stress due to staying up late.

2. Avoid Night Wind Directly

The important thing when doing activities at night is to stay up late, that is, avoid the body being exposed to the night wind directly, especially for a long time. Try to move in the room.

The night wind is dangerous for the lungs, that’s because the night wind has a higher level of humidity than during the day.

Long-term night wind exposure can cause pneumonia or pneumonia. Exposure to night winds can also worsen the condition of pneumonia suffered.

Symptoms of pneumonia usually appear shortness of breath, coughing stones, pain in the chest (when coughing), as well as cold palms and feet,  are also wetter (if cold sweat comes out).

If you are forced to stay up outdoors, then wear a jacket or sweater so that the body can be better protected from the night wind. Where the night wind can have adverse effects on body health.

3. Always Maintain Eating Pattern

Where staying up late often results in a messy eating pattern, such as late eating or vice versa (it’s easy to be hungry when staying up late).

This, in turn, makes the diet unhealthy and has a high risk of consuming too much food at one time, which is certainly not healthy.

To overcome this problem is quite easy, i.e. you just have to eat dinner first before doing activities at the time stay up.

The food that you consume prioritizes vegetables and fruits that are healthy and rich in vitamins.

If you want to snack, then choose snacks that are healthy and nutritious. Also, limit the consumption of snacks.

4. Know Nutritious Foods

Make sure you prioritize nutritious foods. Consumption of foods containing adequate nutrition for the body, and also kept clean.

Not infrequently people stay up late with “accompanied” cigarettes, coffee, beans, and fried foods. Cigarettes are not recommended as a friend staying up late, there are 4,000 poisons in cigarettes.

As for if you want to eat beans, then it’s better with peanuts than fried peanuts. Where fried beans are generally high in saturated fat content. Fried foods usually contain saturated fat, so they are not healthy.

Coffee contains caffeine which can stimulate literacy, it’s just that coffee consumption cannot increase energy.

Keep in mind, people who stay up late need additional energy, so it is important to pay attention to nutritional intake, including vitamins. But remember, that does not mean staying up late increases food portions too much.

For staying up late, it takes food with complete nutrition in the form of vitamins, protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, and minerals.

Good vitamins as antioxidants, generally come from fruits and vegetables. Consumption can be in the form of juice or fruit that is directly eaten.

Although it is well known that staying up late is not a good thing 16 Tips for Staying Healthy Even though Staying Up Frequently
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If you want to snack
from the page Food.idntimes.com, mention a few snacks that are safe to consume when staying up late, namely:

  • Apples, contain iron which is useful in helping the process of stimulating energy to the brain to keep it energized.
  • Popcorn, a food that is usually consumed while watching movies in theaters, is a good choice when staying up late. Generally, a popcorn pack contains about 100 calories, without butter and flavorings. Consumption of popcorn does not cause obesity.
  • Foods from wheat, where wheat contains high carbohydrates that provide a feeling of full satiety. Some types of wheat foods that you can consume are whole wheat bread, whole-wheat pasta, cereals, and wheat noodles. You can also provide fresh vegetables in it.
  • Strawberry juice, to make it provide four strawberries, a glass of water, 2 tablespoons of yogurt, and one teaspoon of honey. Mix everything then blender. Enjoy with added ice cubes, but no added sugar.
  • Dark chocolate, for you chocolate lovers can enjoy chocolate when staying up late, but chocolate consumed contains 70 percent cocoa which is high in antioxidants and low in sugar.
  • Walnuts, contain protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and polyunsaturated fats. Every 100 grams of walnuts contains about 650 calories, so consuming them provides energy for the body. >Mung beans, have high fiber content and are low in fat. Green beans become one of the mainstay choices for snacks when staying up late. Green beans also include nutritious food.
  • Cheese, is a food that comes from Europe. Cheese contains thymine which plays an important role in the digestion of carbohydrates in the body, the benefits of which provide energy for the body. Combine eating cheese with low-calorie foods such as whole wheat bread or bananas. >The eight types of snacks on average do not contain excessive sugar. Choose night snacks when staying up late carefully

5. Prepare Water and Honey

When staying up late really requires excellent stamina, because when staying up late it causes a lot of energy drained.

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To get good and excellent stamina, one can do it with the help of water and honey, both of which are very useful for maintaining endurance when consumed.

6. Make sure the Body Get Enough Sunlight The

goal is that the body’s metabolic system can run smoothly, and also prevents the body from lacking vitamin D3 from natural ingredients.

So after staying up late wake up in the morning before noon, like 10 o’clock, then you can just sit near the window to get sunlight coming in or allow you to be able to walk around the compound of the house.

7. If You Can, Take Vitamin D3 Supplements

Where the problem often faced by people who often stay up late is vitamin D3 deficiency, because he very rarely gets sunlight in the morning, after staying up late at night and sleeping in the morning.

8. Avoid Drinking Too Much Coffee

Although coffee is indeed very useful to provide extra strength so you can stay up at night. However, that does not mean you may arbitrarily consume coffee drinks as you wish and as much as possible.

You need to limit the consumption of excessive coffee because it can cause adverse effects on health, such as can increase the risk of heart disease.

9. Use Body Warmers

Use products such as eucalyptus oil or Teflon oil, because it can warm the body which avoids the body from various diseases that are vulnerable to attack at night, besides that it also has to give a scent that can make the mind fresher.

If you leave the house at night, then use a sweater, jacket, or thick clothes to protect the body from the cold night.

10. Provide anti-colds medicine

In case of unwanted things, you can provide anti-colds medication, where people who are active at night or stay up late, are very susceptible to colds.

That way, when you experience abdominal pain due to colds, you can immediately overcome it quickly by using colds.

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11. Do not immediately take a bath after staying up

late. Morning bath is good for the health and freshness of the body. But if you stay up late, it’s better to avoid taking a shower right after staying up late in the morning.

Especially if coupled with shampooing, which will flush the head many times, then this can trigger bad problems such as headaches and flu.

Also, in the morning certainly sleepy because of staying up late. You can take a shower after sleeping for a while to avoid bathing while sleepy.

12. Make a consistent and stable sleep schedule

The principle, that if you do not sleep at night, it does not mean you never sleep all day.

You can adjust your hours of sleep well, at least in the morning you sleep 3-4 hours, then continue to sleep again in the afternoon a few hours, so you can sleep a total of 6-8 hours a day. This becomes the body’s daily needs.

Messy sleep time can result in disruption of the body’s biological rhythm, as well as causing hormonal imbalances, which eventually the body is vulnerable to various health problems. It is recommended to use an eye patch when sleeping in the morning, it is recommended to use an eye patch. So that sleep can be better quality later.

With total darkness in the eyes when sleeping, the production of melatonin can run well, and sleep becomes more quality and comfortable.

14. Consumption of Healthy

Foods Choose healthy foods and adopt a good diet. Eat foods that are nutrient-dense so that the body is awake from various disease threats. Avoid junk food models, because junk food will adversely affect the health of your body.

It is recommended to consume foods such as vegetables and fruits, other foods such as nuts, meat, eggs, and fish.

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15. Don’t Forget to Exercise

This is so that your body can continue to be fit even in the condition of staying up late, exercise is useful so that the body is not easily weak, but it is also useful for maintaining the health of the heart organ and also prevents the problem of obesity.

Some types of sports that you can do are jogging, swimming, push-ups, sit-ups or various other types of sports. These are also Helps to make you Healthy

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