15 Ways to become Successful People in life

Of course, all people want to have a successful life, no one wants to be a failure. With the success that is owned, then someone will be able to live a more comfortable and happy life.

Generally, people think that success is from the number of assets they have, but success is not merely a matter of assets. Success is when someone achieves what he wants, and he is very grateful for it.

With this satisfaction and gratitude, a person will live a happy life, and no longer be jealous of others.

Where a soul full of jealousy and envy towards others will be a disaster, which makes a narrow heart, and does not make someone happy.

Tips for Living with Success in All Things:-

15 Ways to become Successful People in life

1. Meditate, Goals Not Only Money – 

A mistake if assessing success is only a matter of money because generally money is used to make ends meet, but money cannot buy everything, including happiness.

For example, when you succeed in setting up a company, whether it is a large or small company, but be happy that you have succeeded in creating employment. And this is happiness because we can benefit many people.

That way, success can indeed mean having a lot of money, but besides that success also means succeeding in achieving desires, succeeding in being a useful person for the shared environment, successfully conquering challenges in life, and many other things.

2. Live Responsibly –

To be a successful person, the initial conditions must have a high sense of responsibility in him. He must have responsibility for his own life.

Like a student, he must take the responsibility seriously to do the assignments or homework given by his teacher.

Especially for the head of the family who has a big responsibility, he has the responsibility for his family life.

If he is unable to carry out his duties as a family head, then he will be difficult to fulfill responsibilities such as becoming a manager in a company.

To be a successful person, then you must try to be independent to do work that allows you to do it alone. Ask for help from others if it is needed.

3. Facing Various Problems with High Motivation –

Smart alone is not enough to make someone able to become successful. Those who are highly motivated in life are the ones who deserve the most success.

This high motivation can be said as the main driving force of a person to be successful, without motivation then a person will only be silent without effort because he does not have the encouragement and driving force to be able to work.

Therefore have high motivation in life, be a person who is passionate about achieving good and success. Don’t be an unproductive person who can’t produce anything in life.

To be able to have the motivation, the method is to:

  • Understand the benefits of an activity carried out.
  • Condition the environment for activities that are comfortable and conducive, so you can stay motivated in carrying out activities.
  • Avoid things that can weaken motivation such as boredom and bad influence from other lazy people.

4. Successful People Not People Who Spend Money –

Successful people in their business, like some well-known Facebook social media site owner Mark Zuckerberg, and Microsoft company owner Bill Gates.

With the wealth of the two abundant people, but they are simple people in buying things.

Mark Zuckerberg, when he was married, just made a simple wedding. Thus Bill Gates is not someone who likes to buy luxury goods.

Therefore, get rid of the paradigm of thinking that successful people like to waste money.

People who like to spend money are people who have difficulty achieving success. Spending money can make someone poor because the money is used up for things that are not useful.

Likewise, this wasteful nature can invite other bad traits such as lazy, rash and do not have good management skills.

People who have the principle of saving, managing money well, and channeling money in the right place, then people with these principles can achieve success.

5. Mature Thinking –

Smart or smart alone is not enough to be able to get success. Someone’s intelligence can become useless when he is careless in acting.

If you want to be successful, then try to have a mature mind and also be able to do a good analysis.

Doing something has to be brave, but it also has to be with careful and careful calculation.

Don’t be a direct person, do something without clear planning. People who can do things in a planned and orderly manner can make themselves more successful than people who have a rush habit.

6. Convince in Your Heart That You Can Succeed –

Put it in your heart, that you can also be successful like people. You also have the same rights that people have, if other people have the opportunity to succeed then you will also have the opportunity to.

Even if you are willing to work hard, then your chances of being successful can be greater than many others.

You also have the right to succeed, so work hard to achieve the success you want.

7. It is important to have goals –

in life, then we must have good and clear goals, lest you pass time without a clear purpose in your daily activities.

The goals can be in the short term (can be one week, one month), and in the long term (can be 1 year, 5 years, 10 years).

Have a goal or goal that is clear and that you can achieve. Of course, to be able to have goals, then you previously must have the skills to be able to achieve the desired goals.

Therefore, make your goals that match the skills you have. You need to be creative in making the desired goals.

Goals can include making a book, building a potential store, working on a particular project, and many others.

Then, the target must be made with careful calculation, where you are also able to estimate when the goal was successfully achieved.

You must be mature in planning something. Also, it must have a high degree of sensitivity in generating lots of good quality goals or objectives.

Of course, after you have goals (one goal or goal is also allowed). Then the next thing is you immediately make a plan of action.

The targets made are not only glared at or imagined, but executed immediately. Make as much detail and plans as possible for your goals.

After making a mature plan, then now is the time to act or practice it, never delay in this matter.

If feeling lazy arises in carrying out the plans made, then you can outsmart by running it little by little.

The emergence of this feeling of laziness due to boredom and boredom can be overcome by doing things more slowly, so that later the feeling of laziness will fade, and you will get excited again.

Do not let laziness drag on, because it will make you fail in achieving your desired goals.

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8. Respect Your Own Time –

Look at the time as a valuable item, where time if it is already underway will not be able to return. Take advantage of every time you have.

Use your time to do quality things, then this will make you able to achieve success.

Do not let your time be filled with things that are not useful even damaging, do the best thing at all times.

Successful people are people who value their time, they use their time to do the best they can.

9. Have Relationships That Are Useful for You –

If you want to get input and knowledge from successful people, then make friends, not enemies. A strange thing, someone asks another person, but when he does not get a satisfying answer he is angry and cursing.

Remember, the person you are asking, for whom you want to get input and knowledge, that person is not your servant.

Therefore, be kind to the person you want to take their knowledge from. Even if the input is wrong then keep thanking. That’s because relationships are very important to be able to achieve success. Have a good relationship.

The strange thing is of course when someone complains can not, but he does not want to learn. He said that he wanted direct action, it is true we have to act to achieve success, but how can action if there is no knowledge.

Keep in mind, Bill Gates, who became the richest man in the world, he read many business books since the age of 12 years. When he was in high school, he started reading law books.

The CEOs in the United States who have a salary 300 times greater than ordinary workers, they read 60 books per year. The ordinary workers generally only read 1 book per year.

That way, practice is very important, but that does not mean saying the theory is useless. Theories that contain useful knowledge so this is very important to support practice.

10. Find Things That Become Your Passion –

Mark Zuckerberg admitted from his passion that made him able to create a social media site facebook.

By doing something that becomes your passion, then this makes you will have unlimited energy to try. This will make you more energetic in the face of obstacles that exist.

11. Have the name “Priority Scale”

In carrying out daily activities, then make a priority scale about the things done. By making a priority scale, then you will be able to more easily choose to do the most important thing.

Another benefit of making a priority scale is that it will make you focus on the activities carried out, which will make the results of your work to be more quality, while also preventing you from wasting time from doing things that are not important.

That way, from the many activities that might be done, then choose the activity that is most important and most beneficial for you.

12. Success Exists After Failure –

Mark Zuckerberg before creating the Facebook site, it turned out that he had already created and developed the Facemash site. However, this Facemash site cannot develop, which can be said to fail to succeed.

Well, from this experience in the form of failure, Mark continues to innovate and learn from previous experiences, which causes Facebook to now become the largest social media site in the world.

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13. Just Check Others Who Underestimate You –

When conducting an interview, Zuck admitted that he would rather be in an environment that underestimates him. That’s because when he is underestimated, he will have more free space.

When underestimated, he is motivated to try to achieve the targets he wants. He also did not give up easily.

14. No Need to Find Perfection –

Complete what you need to complete, this is better than just dreaming of looking for perfection, but in the end it doesn’t do anything.

Complete your work or activity well, no need to wait for something to be perfect. Remember, imperfect does not mean not good.

You are only required to complete everything well, where you are not required to be perfect.

15. Think Positive in Every Time –

To get success, then apart from the will, a mature plan and hard work, also requires a positive mind. You must eliminate thoughts that disturb you to move, if there is excessive fear, then immediately get rid of it.

If you have a variety of negative and bad thoughts in your head, this can be your obstacle to success.

Bad thoughts will make your motivation disappear, and make you impatient in dealing with various problems.

Therefore, get rid of all the bad thoughts in the head, also get rid of all the bad qualities in yourself.

To achieve success also requires patience, because it is necessary to know that in pursuing the road to success it takes a long process. Be patient to continue to look for things that can make you successful.

Have patience, an open heart, and peace of mind as provisions that are very important in building success.

Instead, throw away bad traits such as lazy, impatient, vengeful and irritable.

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