28 Ways to Generate Your Passion

Sometimes there is a sense of boredom at work, something like this is actually experienced by everyone. Doing the same job for a long time will lead to burnout and a feeling of lack of enthusiasm.

Thus, decreased work motivation at one time is arguably a natural thing experienced by people who continuously have the same work routine. In addition, it is recognized that there are various things that can cause a loss of enthusiasm in working. Things like this need to be overcome and minimize the negative effects.

Weak morale will have a negative impact on productivity and quality of work, this is certainly not good. Therefore, increasing morale is important, so that someone can reach success.

Ways to Improve Work Morale

1. Be a Person Who Has High Creativity – The key to success and an effective way to have high morale is to be a highly creative person. Train yourself to be creative so that later you can easily come up with bright ideas, which in turn can make your morale increase dramatically.

In order not to get bored with work, make sure that you can always be enthusiastic, be creative in bringing up ideas at work or your activities, so you can be more excited about it.

In addition, the work you have makes it a challenge, not a burden. That way, try to be a super creative person, so you can always be happy at work and on the move.

In order to become a creative person, update and enhance your experience, and improve your ability to be always relevant to change times. You can often take courses or useful training. Choose a course that suits your field.

Simple things that can help you to be creative:

  • Neat work desk.
  • Try writing notes using colorful markers so that the mind doesn’t get bored quickly and the eyes don’t get tired quickly.
  • Make or paste a photo, motto or decoration on the wall that can be useful so that you are more enthusiastic and confident.
  • Make a mini library at home, this might increase your reading interest, so you will have broad insights.
  • Be open, so that you will be someone who likes to seriously consider new ideas.
  • Leave it when criticism rains on you. Be a humble person and learn from others. By accepting criticism, this means it is good so you can improve your quality, as well as overcome mistakes so far.
  • Collaborate, whereby trying to work with other people this can improve your skills and experience.
  • Don’t be too afraid of making mistakes. That’s because new ideas and creativity sometimes come out of a mistake.

Other things that need to be done, namely a short rest when you feel tired and bored. You do not force yourself to do the task or work when the mind is the moment and difficult to concentrate. A short break is useful so that the mind can be fresh, and also can make you more creative when the mind is fresh.

2. Reflections on Your Goals to Work – When morale is really weak, then try to reflect on and remember what your goals work. If you are married, of course, the main goal of your fatigue at work is to meet the needs of family life and be happy.

So always remember this, do not disappoint them with your laziness at work. You must show that you are passionate about working to meet the needs of family life.

The extent of your enthusiasm, then this will imprint on the subconscious mind of your family members. Especially children who make you a role model.

3. Have Targets in Your Life and Work –  By having a clear target at work, then this becomes a motivator for you to work with enthusiasm. With the target, you will try to achieve it.

However, do not also make grandiose targets, of course, targets made must be in accordance with one’s abilities. The existence of a target will control yourself so that you are always enthusiastic about your work. Well, after the target has been achieved, it turns out this can make you even more excited. Remember, do not make excessive targets or beyond ability.

4. Condition a pleasant working atmosphere – Indeed, the world of work is not as beautiful as imagined, wherein one day ranging from 8 to 10 hours employees will wrestle with a variety of tasks. One day surely employees will begin to feel boredom and cause a decrease in the spirit of work.

Of course, we really want high spirits and a comfortable atmosphere at work. The workers actually want conditions that are comfortable, pleasant, and superiors blend in with subordinates in a harmonious state. It is very important to make the work environment comfortable and also pleasant, good workplace conditions will increase work morale.

Some employees are too guarding of the language in communication to look more professional, the aim of which according to him is to display authority in themselves.

However, this condition is one of the causes of lack of comfort in the work environment, because one another is to maintaining authority in communication. In communicating, use light language, which is to communicate with colleagues using language that is not too formal.

Of course, this is shown to colleagues whose positions are equal and is slightly adjusted to the formalities of the workplace. By using language that is not rigid, it can help to make the workplace more comfortable.

To make yourself more comfortable at work, make it a habit to treat everyone with respect, where everyone who works with you is entitled to respect, including when dissent occurs. With this respect and respect, then later it can continue to develop into a positive thing, in the form of mutual trust between fellow employees, this will create a comfortable working atmosphere so that you can always be enthusiastic at work.

5. Try associating with people or coworkers who like to work hard – You need to be careful with coworkers who often complain and are lazy, because bad qualities can be contagious to you, so be careful in choosing close friends.

Try to get together with coworkers who like to work hard and have high spirits, this positive thing can affect yourself later.

6. Familiarize the Soul For Positive Thinking – Try to always think and be positive at work. Do not be humble when seeing other employees succeed, but instead make the success of others as a whip so that you are more eager to work.

Positive thinking is very important, so do not think about things that are less important even negative things, respond to everything properly and positively. Avoid lingering complaints, isolation, and other things that make your morale fade.

Whatever the situation and whatever the situation is, there is actually a way out to overcome the problem, it’s just that generally, people are very weak in trying, including lazy to think and work. Therefore, avoid becoming a person who likes to dissolve in feelings and emotions. People who are accustomed to having their minds filled with positive things generally will have high morale. Even if obstacles arise, his enthusiasm becomes higher. This is different from some people who have just encountered the slightest disturbance but have been discouraged.

7. Simplify Your Work – Condition so that the work is as difficult as anything but felt easy to do. Where often when seeing a task or heavy work causes down and enthusiasm fades. You need to condition so that the work can be more easily done. Like by dividing large tasks into small tasks, so that later it can feel lighter done, and you are no longer down when facing large and difficult tasks.You need to think to condition your work to be better and also comfortable, which in essence can make your morale always high at work. High morale will result in high quality and productivity.

8. Have Solid Motivation and Principles  – Put into your mind that work is not a burden, make work a fun hobby. So that the intention is to love the work that you elaborate on, don’t make it a burden. So that later you will undergo work with enthusiasm. Also have motivation at work, for example, you want to buy a laptop product, then you will start to set aside salary every month to buy a laptop.

This will make you become enthusiastic at work because it has very clear goals. At work, have a clear plan and purpose, so that work motivation can emerge.

9. Set aside time for entertainment – Burnout can be relieved by resting and doing entertaining activities. In the office, there is usually a leave of absence every year, so take advantage of your leave is to refresh the mind. Which later the morale will re-emerge.

10. Avoid Complaining – Need to watch out because the nature of complaining can be contagious, so this can cause working conditions in the Akam office to get worse. If you are unable to make a constructive statement about a work problem, then it’s better to be quiet. Avoid this feeling of complaining because the results only make a person worse off. Complaining is what ultimately makes the morale drop.

What needs to be done should get used to putting on a bright and smiling face when facing various job challenges. Also, decorate yourself with a sense of optimism. This can later be beneficial for your career and job reputation to increase.

11. Do Anything That Can Get You Excited –  When you start to feel tired and tired mind in the office, then you can do something that later can make you feel happy. Things like this seem to have to be done repeatedly every sense of saturation arises so that later you can continue to always be eager to work.12. Visit Places That Can Make You Calm – So many places that you can visit when the soul feels bored so that later you can get back fit, fresh mind and your spirit high again. It is recommended that you take the time to go to a green place, such as in villages, mountains, city parks, and various other green places. Or you can also do sports in an open area that has a calm atmosphere so that later you can make yourself exercise comfortably, the morale has returned to growth.

13. Gather with Fun People in the Office – When you are bored and uninspired, try to join people who are friendly and can entertain you in the office. That way, you can be more relaxed when with them, you can feel better so that later the spirit of work that is confronted can reappear.

14. Maintain Good Communication with Colleagues – Maintaining the work environment so that the conditions are harmonious and conducive, this is very important to make you comfortable at work and can be more excited.
Establish good communication with colleagues and superiors. In addition, avoid over-enforcing your own will, it is very important to respect everyone around you.15. Think Fun about Your Job – Think back to the pleasant things that you got while doing this job. So that this can be a motivation to get back to work. Even though your work might be boring, but of course there are some fun things in it. In essence, try to find ways that you can go about your work happily and happily.

16. Examples of Your Co-Workers Who Love Their Work Very Much – Among your coworkers, approach people who seem to love their work very much and remain enthusiastic, watching and trying to emulate can have a positive effect on you. You need to pay attention to how they deal with such a heavy workload. So take advantage of the presence of diligent people around you as inspiration and motivation for yourself.

17. Plan Your Future – When you experience moments that saturate, then rather than dazed, try to reorganize your future plans. By having a future plan like this, it can be an additional motivation for yourself at work.

18. Give Time for Yourself to Relax – When the condition of the mind is very moment or bored, then try to take time to rest so that you can be relaxed. This is important in order to be able to restore the condition of the mind so that it is fresh, and also bring back a sense of enthusiasm in the self.

19. Exercise in the Morning or After Returning from the Office – Manga exercise in addition to being healthy for the body is also useful for stabilizing the emotions of the soul. Exercise can be useful to relieve stress and tired thoughts. Regular exercise also makes you always able to be enthusiastic at work.

20. Avoid – Being Too Afraid of Being Fearful of fear or fear of failure so that you don’t dare to try is a bad thing. Fear like this will kill our fighting spirit, so that spirit becomes weak because of it. You should cultivate a brave soul, which can make you a vibrant person.

21. Get Up Early – Some people really like to get up early in the morning at dawn, this is great. However, some others have difficulty getting up early. By going to bed early it is useful so that you can wake up earlier.

Wake up in the morning is very useful, which makes the body healthy, passionate, uplifting, fresh thoughts, get fresh air, and prevent you from leaving for work in a hurry because it’s late. Departing in a hurry can cause a bad mood, which can destroy your morale.

22. Do your hobbies – By having a hobby, you can later channel it when a sense of saturation arises because of work that has piled up. Do hobbies that you like, such as traveling, cooking, reading, and many others. After doing a hobby that you like, it can usually foster a sense of enthusiasm.

23. Ensure Sufficiently and Quality of Sleep Fulfilled – Ensure adequate and quality sleep, should not sleep less than six hours, so you avoid fatigue that results in lost morale. Lack of sleep at night results in you the next day will feel very tired and also not excited.  In addition, to get quality sleep then make sure you sleep in completely dark conditions, turn off the lights in the room in your bedroom.

24. Familiarize Breakfast –
Try to before you go to work to do breakfast, this is the importance of getting up early, so you can have breakfast quietly, and also leave in peace. The benefits of this breakfast so you can have abundant energy and high enthusiasm in carrying out activities or work.

25. Love Your Work – You must always remember, that by loving your own work you can enjoy the times you work, do not hate your own work. Make yourself happy in your work. Enjoying the work undertaken will create enthusiasm for work.


26. Know What Makes You Bored – You can make a list of what causes you to be bored. This is done to find out the cause behind the emergence of boredom and lack of enthusiasm. Note the various things that cause discomfort and boredom at work, so that later you just find a way to overcome them.

27. Ask your seniors –  At work, of course, you have a senior who has already worked and has more work experience. Try asking him, how can he overcome the same problem that you experience.

28. Meditate !! If Not Working, What Do You Want? – Of course, work is very important, in addition to earning an income so that you can fill your time. Surely we will be confused by ourselves if it does not work, is just staring in front


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