5 Benefits of Children Playing Outdoor

There may be feelings of worry when children play outside the home, this is perfectly natural. However, this does not mean making children often confined in the house.

Where there are many benefits of playing for children, especially outside the home. Do not let children be banned from playing in the field, even prohibited only from watering plants in the yard.

Following benefits of outdoor play for children:-

1. Practicing Children’s Independence –

Every child must have a golden age (the first five years of a child’s life), at this time you can accompany children to play outside, but children must be well taken care of because they are still under five years old.

During the golden age, this is a very important period in maximizing the process of growth and development of children.

Playing outside for children is very important for their physical, emotional, social and intellectual development.

Encourage children to play outside, this increases the independence and confidence of children in interacting with their environment. In addition, it increases emotional abilities, and children will interact with friends and people in the environment.

2. Stimulate Children’s Creativity –

When children play outside, the driver will learn to do things spontaneously. When outside the child will see various objects such as stone, wood, leaves, etc.

This will later make children aroused to think about these objects. Children may use it to play.

Various objects that are outside will make a child’s creativity aroused, as well as stimulating cognitive and emotional abilities.

Research says that playing in nature can effectively hone children’s creativity, innovation, and imagination from an early age.

So that children who are often invited to play outside or in the open world have better abilities to think, initiate, solve problems, and are not easily anxious and afraid.

In addition, if children play with their peers in the open (for example scout activities) it is useful to hone their children’s leadership abilities.

3. Improve Children’s Mood –

Encourage children to play outside, especially on a beautiful morning. Where sun exposure is very good and healthy for children.

In addition, if the body is exposed to the morning sun will activate the pineal gland which encourages the production of serotonin in the brain.

The hormone serotonin works to improve mood, relieve stress, make a person more excited and happy.

Children who are fussy, if invited out of the room and exposed to sunlight can improve his mood.

The scientists explain that outdoor activities (especially in nature) can effectively reduce levels of the hormone cortisol, which causes stress and depression.

4. Sharpening Social Skills of Children –

Playing outside will hone the child’s social skills, where when children play outside the house will meet with their peers.

Parents need to motivate children to play outside with friends their age, children will begin to be trained and accustomed to working with others, as well as hone the ability to solve problems (problem-solving).

The experience of playing outside will train children to be more alert and disciplined. It’s just that, parents still have to monitor wherever the child is playing, do not let the child fall into bad relationships.

5. Improving Children’s Language Ability –

If a child has never hung out with his peers outside, then the child will tend to be quiet and passive.

The experience of hanging out with good friends is useful to improve children’s communication skills. Children will be able to speak well or deliver messages.

Playing outside will give children a chance to explore. Besides playing outdoors, children can release their emotions, move freely and relieve stress.

6. Improve Brain Function Related to Academic Achievement of Children

In a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that children who have physical activity outdoors have better academic performance. The study was conducted on students aged 6-18 years.

Researchers explain that outdoor physical activity is beneficial for children’s brain development.

Here are other benefits of getting children to play outdoors:

  • Improve the social abilities of children, where children will meet with people of various ages outside the home,
  • For the bone growth of children, and in general for the physical growth of children. Where the morning sun can increase vitamin D which is beneficial for the development and growth of children’s bones,
  • Prevents children from experiencing stress and depression.
  • Children have better vision,

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