9 Benefits of Spending Time With Children

Parents who are busy working late into the night often don’t have time for children. Especially if both work, making children not close to both parents. Working is certainly mandatory, but that does not mean from morning to night just to work. Spending time with children is very important for growth and development, besides that the relationship between parent and child is getting closer. Even if they are very busy, they must be smart to divide their time between work and children.

Here are the benefits of spending time with children:

1. Parent-Child Bonds Stronger –

The close relationship between parent and child is very important. Young people who fall into bad relationships / bad generally due to lack of relationships in the family. Providing time to gather among family members must be done, can not not. If the child does not want to be advised or given input, it may be because the child has not felt close to his own parents.

2. Children Avoid Bad Relationships –

Still related to point no.1, the close relationship between parents and children, making children more able to avoid wrong paths (bad relationships). When time is with the child, then parents can provide an understanding of good and bad things. If the relationship between parent and child is close, then the child will be easier to give input.

3. Make a Peaceful Heart –

When you work in an office often experience the task of piling up, annoying coworkers, to the boss who is fierce. Spending time with children makes your heart peaceful. How happy when hugging children. The innocent behavior of a child who is spoiled and always wants to be loved can reassure a heart that is upset by the pressures of work.

4. Improving Children’s Academic Sharing –

Time can be filled by guiding children’s academic lessons. Help the child in completing his schoolwork, if the child has difficulty, don’t be ignored. In addition, ask the children to talk about what things happened at school. Let the child confide at length about his experiences at school today.

5. Harmonious Family –

To form a harmonious family, it can only be obtained if parents provide quality time for their children. If work leaves before dawn then comes home at 9 pm, which time is it for children? Gathering with family members will make the atmosphere warm and close. You will get a harmonious family.

6. Enhancing Children’s Emotional Intelligence –

Children make their parents a role model. The closeness of children with parents can increase children’s emotional intelligence. Children will imitate the way their parents behave. In addition, being on the side of his parents makes the child feel loved. As for the violence of adolescents caused by emotions that are not well controlled, and lack of attention and affection.

The role of parents is very important in shaping the character of children. Children will learn from their parents about:

  • How to manage your own emotions.
  • Ways to express feelings.
  • How to negotiate with other parties (discuss).
  • Practice recognizing other people’s feelings.
  • Practice to calm yourself.

7. Children Are More Confident –

Frequent activities with parents make children feel valued. This is very important so that children have a more positive outlook and have confidence. Building children’s confidence is very important for their relationships and also as capital to compete in the future.

8. Shaping Positive Child Behavior –

Many child education experts explain that children who spend a lot of time with parents can be more avoided from negative activities. A 2008 study found that teenagers who had dinner with family regularly (five or more times a week) had fewer cases of juvenile delinquency and substance abuse than those who did not.

9. Other Benefits –

Playing is something that kids really like, especially playing with the closest people. Children’s minds become more relaxed when playing, children also explore various things they like. Parents should prepare an exciting game with children. If children feel parents are always there for them, children will also place high trust in their parents. This makes it easy for children to accept their parents’ input.

If the child is difficult to say, that means so far the child is not close to his parents, the child no longer has high trust in his parents. The experts also suggest that at least once a month parents spend time with children by going outdoors. Playing in nature makes children not easily angry/emotional. The air in nature is very refreshing. As for children who are too often indoors, causing children to get emotional easily, this also applies to adults.

Being in nature makes the mind relaxed and calm. Later the time spent with family will be happy that is always remembered by children.

Ending of post –

Some activities that can be done with children are:

  • Joking or chatting.
  • Sharing stories.
  • Play to the park.
  • Sports together.
  • Cook together.
  • Doing school academic work (homework).
  • Doing homework such as sweeping, mopping, tidying the bedroom, washing clothes, watering plants, etc.
  • Reading books together, for example taking turns reading books aloud, between parents and children.
  • Playing games such as chasing, hide and seek, badminton, playing songkok, etc.
  • Travelschooling, i.e. travelling everywhere, for example shopping at traditional markets, going to zoos, museums, libraries, travelling to try some modes of public transportation, friendship to relatives’ houses, etc.



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