The car is designed to be more closed and more sturdy than a motorcycle. The car gives a more comfortable, safe and stylish feel like a private vehicle.

Cars are certainly used to deliver from a place to its destination location. Also, some people use cars as ‘temporary dwellings’.

This often happens, especially when drowsiness has struck heavily and travels quite far, so it is not uncommon for drivers and passengers to take a break (sleep) in the car.

It’s just that there are adverse effects from sleeping in the car when the engine is still running. Often people who sleep in the car will start the car engine and activate the air conditioner.

And it turns out that the condition of the engine that is still alive can be dangerous for drivers and passengers in the car, when everyone sleeps in the car.

Where the vehicle’s exhaust gas is feared to enter the closed car cabin space. Hazardous gases that emerge from car engines are carbon monoxide (CO).

The entry of this substance into the car cabin is very dangerous to health, and can even cause death.

It becomes very dangerous if this happens, while the people in the car are sleeping all over.

CO substances (Carbon Monoxide) are visually invisible, likewise, the smell is not so oppressive, so the presence of CO substances is often not realized, especially when sleeping.

This is what causes frequent cases of gas poisoning in the car, which not infrequently causes death.

A news report reported by in 2014, two men died of poisoning while sleeping in a car. The two men found dead were in a white Honda Grand Civic sedan.

Provisional allegations, the cause of death of the two victims was due to CO (monoxide) poisoning.

Other news reported by in 2016, a veterinarian from Purwokerto Village was found dead in a Daihatsu Xenia car. The car was parked on the roadside of Rejowinangun Village, Kademangan District, Blitar Regency.

The condition of the engine is still alive, and the car’s air conditioner is also on. But the car door is tightly closed. People who look unsuspecting because they think the victim is resting.

Other news was reported by, where a family of agate traders died while sleeping in a car. One family died in a Daihatsu Gran Max car, which was parked on the edge of Jalan Bekasi Barat, Rawa Bening, Jatinegara.

Those who died were 10 years old father, mother and child. The police have not yet concluded the cause of the family’s death, as for the alleged temporary loss of the family due to gas poisoning.

Where the condition of the car when it is turning on the air conditioner (AC) with the condition of the car engine is still running.

Those are some of the events that give lessons to us to try as much as possible not to make the car like a house that is often used for sleeping.

The bad effects of inhaling a lot of CO substances are causing the body to become weak and not powered up so that the worst causes death.

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Even if you are forced to rest in the car, for safety, turn off the engine and other car features.

When you are on a road trip then you feel tired or sleepy, which causes you to have to pull over and close your eyes for a moment.

If you really cannot rest comfortably without turning on the car’s air conditioner, then if you decide to turn on the air conditioner, the important thing is to set the window to open slightly.

This is based because when the engine is running it can be dangerous, where the vehicle exhaust can enter the interior.

In these conditions, it is very dangerous if the air does not circulate perfectly, therefore the window needs to be opened slightly to minimize the adverse effects.

Another thing, try to find a safe place to rest, especially if the glass is slightly open when sleeping, then make sure your location is safe and avoid the risk of bad people.

Reza Pahlavi, a doctor at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta, suggests that if you want to sleep for a long time (for hours) in a stopped car, you should open the windowpane.

“Sleeping with the glass closed like that could be CO gas poisoning. If you want to sleep for a long time the AC should be turned off and the window opened,” said Reza Pahlavi, as quoted by

Dr. Reza explained, that when the air conditioner is on while the condition of the car is stopped for hours, this can cause dangerous things.

Where this air conditioner can suck CO gas from emissions from the combustion of car combustion, thus endangering the people in the car.

“It’s safer if the AC is turned off. People in the car risk CO poisoning if the AC is not turned off,” he explained.

The most recommended is to look for a more comfortable resting place if you are tired, you can look for a vacation home, etc. So that you are traveling long distances you can feel fun and comfortable.

Safety and Comfort Tips While Sleeping in the Car –

Here are a variety of simple tips for safety while sleeping in the cabin of a car:

1. Pay attention to road signs, don’t underestimate the road signs. Before parking for a break, make sure you have read the road signs that may be around.

To avoid stopping in places that are prohibited, such as places that contain signs that are prohibited from stopping, parking is prohibited, and others.

2. Although no signs are found, avoid stopping to rest on roads where conditions can be dangerous, such as curves that tend to be sharp, areas prone to landslides, areas with slippery road conditions and the like.

For example, resting by stopping the car at the turn of the road, this can be dangerous because it is feared that other drivers are not alert and are not aware of your car’s presence at the turn of the road, so the car can be hit from behind.

3. Prioritize finding a safe stop when staying overnight in the car. You should not stop when you are on a road in the middle of a forest or an area far from the crowd.

The recommended rest area at the gas station is a good place to stop the car and sleep at rest.

Therefore, before you travel far, first learn the route you took during the trip, find out which places can be an option to rest.

4. when you travel far and rest, then don’t forget to prepare food and drinks. Preparing these foods prevents you from getting out of the car to look for food, making it safer, especially when you don’t know the conditions where you stopped.

5. It is recommended not to turn on the AC, even though it does provide comfort while on the road. However, try to avoid using air conditioners while sleeping in the car.

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When the air conditioner of the car is on and the car is idle, then the air circulation between oxygen and carbon monoxide cannot be properly circulated. So it is feared that you will inhale a lot of carbon monoxide.

6. Hide valuables so as not to invite people outside to commit crimes. Put your wallet, bag, cellphone, and other valuables in a closed section, such as in a chair or car drawer.

You must clear the car dashboard from valuables, because it can be seen from outside the car.

7. At rest, open the window a little to maintain the air circulation in the car cabin. Open the car window not to exceed two fingers. Avoid opening the window glass too wide because it can invite criminals.

8. So sleepy, the driver may forget to lock the car door. Well, try not to forget to lock all car doors for security.

9. When you want to sleep you can adjust the position of the chair, car seats are generally designed with quality materials and there are seat arrangements, so that you can adjust the sitting position that is right for you.

You can mentor upholstery by pushing the car seat as far back as possible, so after that, you can sleep comfortably. The body condition is comfortable.

10. Stretch your body and muscles after resting, And can do a mild warm-up, to relax the body’s muscles, and not stiff. So you can be very comfortable to continue the journey. 



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