15 Ways to Increase Self Confidence Quickly & Effectively

Self-confidence is the main foundation in doing various things, where a person will only act when he feels confident that he can do something.

By having self-confidence, a person will have full confidence that he can live and control his life well.

Being yourself does not mean we can do whatever we want to do, but what we mean by being ourselves is to be sure to maximize the potential that exists within us, this is what makes a person better.

Being yourself is not primarily in terms of appearance, but the most important is in having the best mind and heart.

Often someone is prejudiced against himself, like making a negative assessment of himself will only make the soul and mentality weak.

Ways to Build & Increase Self-Confidence –

1. Think Positive About What Others Say –

You may have felt inferior when someone commented or mentioned your weaknesses. It turns out people who mention your weaknesses are people who are close to your life such as parents, brothers, sisters and close friends.

Their goal is to mention your weaknesses or weaknesses because they want to have good intentions so that you know your weaknesses and try to fix them.

But sometimes when we are mentioned about the deficiencies that exist in ourselves, we respond negatively, this is a wrong response because it will make us become discouraged and have no energy to try.

Now, from now on respond positively to what people say, when they mention your lack of yourself that you did not know about before, then say thank you because it is constructive criticism that makes you better and more confident.

2. Know Your True Self In –

order to increase confidence in yourself, then the first thing that is very important for you to do is to recognize yourself first. You must understand the strengths and weaknesses that are in yourself.

Also, you have to practice understanding and mastering the things that can make you happy, angry, excited or sad. By mastering this, you can better overcome various problems that arise well and wisely.

Then recognize the potential and talent you have, after that don’t waste it where you have to hone your talents and abilities immediately so that later they will develop and become your capital in having strong beliefs.

One of the main causes of someone not having self-confidence is because he does not have the talent or ability to be proud of, so start from now to hone the life skills that you have.

3. Have a Friendly Attitude –

One of the most important human needs in life is good connections. Getting used to being friendly and easy to smile at an increase self-confidence.

By getting used to being friendly and kind, the people around you will be happy and they will respect you, this is very good for creating confidence in yourself.

Besides that, being friendly also harmonizes the interaction of others, which is very beneficial for you and others.

4. Avoid Attitude Concerning Yourself –

The fact that must also be recognized by all humans is that he could not possibly live alone on this earth. Where everyone will need others.

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Selfishness is almost the same as selfishness. Which means it opposes the actual “living system”. A person who is only selfish means that he is on the wrong path in life, the impact of which will make his life miserable.

Selfishness or selfishness will eventually become a disease of the heart, which will invite other illnesses such as jealousy, envy, timidity and lack of self-confidence.

Therefore, maintaining a self-serving nature can make self-confidence weaken.

So in this life, we must try to put the common interests before self-interest.

If we have good intentions to help others, then automatically other people will also be willing to help us, so there is no need to hesitate in doing good things in the public interest.

5. Maintain Personal Appearance –

We must learn to improve self-appearance, this is quite important, but building self-confidence does not have to wear expensive clothes. Besides maintaining self-appearance is not something complicated.

Some simple things you need to do to maintain your appearance are washing your face to be fresh, combing your hair so it is neat, straightening your collar, brushing your teeth, and others. By maintaining a good appearance will help self-confidence be better.

Now, even though the inside of us is the most important thing, but the moon means we ignore the outside of ourselves. Keeping the outside appearance is as important as protecting our inner self.

6. Maintain Good Body Attitudes –

Posture and posture often talk a lot about ourselves, where posture can reflect our level of self-confidence. When we are confident, we will stand and walk in a certain way, when our body’s nervous attitude is different again.

People generally judge from our posture, to judge whether we are relaxed, aggressive, sociable, etc. Well, you can practice confidence through good body language and character.

When walking, the eyes forward, relaxed and normal. Avoid walking with your head down, this posture may signal to others that you don’t want to be involved in interactions or conversations with them.

But don’t do this often, basically, a good walking posture is with a straight body and foresight.

Then in walking for a fairly wide step, confident people are never described walking creeping. With strong posture and steps, you will look like someone who has strong self-confidence.

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In walking also avoid putting your hands in your pocket, this habit can make self-confidence weaken. Generally, people hide their hands when nervous. Leaving hands open shows strong self-confidence. Other things put your hands in your pocket will make your posture tends to stand bent, this is not good.

Avoid doing too many and unclear movements. Doing irregular movements indicates someone is nervous. Where people who can not be silent are people who feel tense, anxious, and unsure.

So that the hand can be the worst enemy, try to make your hands calm and still, not doing scratching and head movements and other strange movements, as well as for the body as a whole.

7. Be a Cheap Smile –

People who smile easily indicate that they are not anxious people. A smile will provide psychological benefits that are very positive, smile can make yourself and others happy.

When smiling at others, chances are they will smile back, this is certainly very good. Easy to smile will also make us more attractive, where generally people will feel more attracted and happy to people who smile easily.

Terseyum can also change the mood for the better when you are experiencing sadness or upset than by smiling you will feel the difference. Being accustomed to smiling will make life’s burden lighter.

The face can also look younger when used to smiling, where the muscles used to smile can help lift the face, which makes the face look younger.

With a smile it is very useful to help you think positively. Having positive thoughts that fill our heads will have a good impact on high self-confidence.

8. Enjoy and Learn Every Interaction You Experience –

Meeting new people and interacting with the surrounding environment is something that everyone needs to do, when in the outside environment then you will meet various people with their respective characters, there you can learn various personalities.

To build a level of self-confidence, you must ensure that you interact with the right people so that they become people who are worthy of you, can learn how they behave, talk, behave and many other things.

Environmental factors greatly affect the character of yourself, if you are in the environment of people with low self-confidence and like to complain, then the bad qualities will rub off on you.

And vice versa, if you are in the midst of people who have positive traits, then these positive traits will rub off on you. The environment is a very big influence on us.

9. When Interacting, Look into Your Opponent’s Eyes –

When talking with someone or many people, make eye contact, avoid moving your head instead of the other person. By making eye contact this will give the impression to the other person that you are someone who has strong self-confidence.

Eye contact can help you to get rid of fear when speaking in public, where eye contact will bring you closer to the other person.

10. Discard the Negative Sounds that Are in the Mind –

There are times when negative voices emerge from within oneself, which says that oneself is incapable, stupid, weak, physically unattractive, unattractive, not sociable and the like. When such sounds come to mind, know that no human is perfect. When you have weaknesses in one thing, then try to have advantages in one thing.

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11. Forget the Standards Set by Others –

Regardless of the circumstances that make you experience a crisis of self-confidence, you can improve the existing situation by holding on to your standards. Other people have different views from you, so however you try to get to the standards that people want, then you are not always able to make other people satisfied.

That way, don’t worry about people’s judgments and assumptions, all you need to do is focus on what you are trying to do, as for the standards of others, then don’t make your life a benchmark, because other people don’t know your condition in detail.

12. Maintain body fitness Body fitness –

Also greatly affects one’s level of self-confidence, having a fit body will be able to strengthen confidence in oneself to do things. When you exercise, it means you have managed to encourage yourself to be active rather than just sitting still. An active body moving is certainly healthier.

When physically active in moving or exercising, the endorphins in the body are released which have the function of preventing stress, maintaining a good mood and making psychological conditions more comfortable.

The exercise you do will make your appearance and body shape better and more attractive, this will increase the level of confidence in yourself.

When feeling sad, exercise can make yourself feel better and more confident. With regular exercise, life will be better controlled. Exercise will also increase your attention and ability to concentrate, so you can become more focused in carrying out daily activities.

13. Be polite and dress politely –

Having high courtesy manners can increase self-confidence. Conversely, if you have bad manners, speak out frankly (cannot be filtered), behave like a child even though you are an adult, then bad attitudes like this cause the erosion of self-confidence.

Likewise, wearing clothes that are polite and comfortable to see by others will make you look more authoritative.

14. Maintain Cleanliness of the Body –

Maintaining cleanliness of the body is very important to protect yourself from various diseases, besides that good bodily hygiene can increase confidence in yourself. Of course, if your body looks clean and tidy, it will look good to others, this can help your level of confidence in yourself.

15. Have the Nature of Gratitude –

Gratitude is the key to happiness in life, this is true. Also, gratitude can increase self-confidence, when a person is grateful his chest will become very roomy.

People who are always grateful for what they already have, contemplate that there are still many other people who don’t have something that we already have, so this will make you a person who doesn’t easily complain.

Do not focus too much on what you want, because if it does not appear then it will only create stress, which ultimately adversely affects the psychology of the soul, including can damage the building of confidence in yourself.

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