The Main Causes of Children Lying and How to Overcome It

Children can be very good at lying, especially if children have parents who also like to lie. The child will imitate, if he sees his mother and father often lying, then sooner or later the child will imitate him. Children lie usually because they make a mistake and then want to avoid responsibility. Children worry that if they are honest they will be scolded by their parents. A number of studies have found that children tend to lie because they are very afraid of parents who are too harsh in responding. Children hang up too because they want to look cool. Often children make lies that essentially that he is great. This kid’s lying is because of his insecurity, so he fabricated stories to impress others.

If children often lie to look good in front of others, this may be due to the mistakes of parents who are less attentive to their children. Help your child get connected and get along with others without lying. Grow your child’s confidence. If the child tries hard then praise his efforts so that the child will recognize the value of his hard work. Some stupid parents are focused on results. Lying habits of children must be overcome because it can be a bad habit that is harmful.

Preventing and Overcoming Children Lying –

Apply honesty as a priority in your home, especially for parents because children will imitate their parents. If parents like to lie then children will imitate it. Children are great imitators. Encourage children to say what they are. On the other hand, be you as a wise parent. Avoid snapping at the child if the child makes a mistake, it is better to give an educative punishment.

Explain to the child the reason why he is being punished so that the child knows the mistakes he made. Then give the child a chance to talk, listen to the child’s explanation. Punishment must be positive and educational. Avoid physical violence. Penalties for education can be in the form of:

  • Stand facing the wall for 30 minutes.
  • Cannot play gadgets within a certain time.
  • Reduction of allowance.
  • Clean the house and yard.

Explain the reason why the child is being punished, explain with love and affection.

If the child has served his sentence well, don’t hesitate to praise his commitment to serving his sentence. Give children a reward for being kind and cooperative. Respond wisely to children’s mistakes, making it easier for children to admit their mistakes (so there is no need to lie). If the child lies because of a lack of confidence, then guide the child in overcoming the difficulties they face.

Give gifts and support if children are honest and dare to face difficulties/problems. In addition, tell the child that honesty is very valuable, especially honesty with parents. If children dare to admit their mistakes, then praise their children for being honest and brave.

Avoid cornering children to admit lies (forcing children). It is better to use a persuasive approach in a friendly manner so that children feel comfortable and want to tell the truth. Do not be emotional if children lie, do not let parents say harsh words. Being gentle makes children open to their parents.

Strengthen emotional ties and love between children and parents. This closeness makes children feel safe so they want to be open to their parents. A mother complains about her son who likes to lie. After being investigated, it was found that the mother was less attentive to her child.

Where children are too often criticized but rarely given praise. The love relationship between mother and child does not exist, this is what makes children love to lie.

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