Top 10 Automatic cat feeder in UK

Our pets form a very special part of our family and they do require a lot of love and attention. Serve your pets in style with fun and functional bowls, feeders and accessories. Browse online stores and see their big selection dishes for breeds of all sizes. Let your cat feel loved by serving them in their own bowl which will also make them more disciplined.

Things to consider before buying cat feeders

The material of bowl: Stainless stainless steel is unbreakable, robust and safe for cats to dishwasher. It is suggested by most veterinarians (along with ceramic bowls). Ceramics are another excellent option if they use plumbed glazing.

Size and shape: Bowls should be wide enough to contain one meal (one to two cups) of cat food. The form is not so essential, except that straight bowls tend less to overlap.

Mats: Many designer pet meals now arrive with corresponding “placemats,” which are used both for the anchoring and the capturing of dribbles. By using disposable products like box cardboard or tapestry remains, you can produce your own placemat.

Automatic: We’ve all had those emergencies when you’ve got to be away overnight or your boss asks you to work late. Free feeding isn’t always the solution, especially with a cat that’s overweight.

Premium pick: Automatic cat feeder

A must-have for those who love to feed their pets at regular intervals of time but often forget about the timings themselves

Value pick:  Pawise automatic feeder

Perfect for your pet this product is  must buy for its features and affordable cost along with exciting additional attachments

Best pick: Andrew James pet feeder

you must buy this pet feeder if you love your pet and want to give him the best in everything as it comes with the feature that every flagship brand has

Top 10 cat feeders in UK

  1. Pawise automatic feeder


Pawise is a major Chinese pet product maker and exporter. Established in 1997, it serves worldwide clients for over 18 years of knowledge. Facilities for manufacturing. Wide product selection enabling our clients to buy one-stop shopping. Our view is not only to offer sustainable cost, excellent performance but also value-added service, fresh product design, strengthening of logistics to our client products. R&D and in-house development create our own fresh goods or to meet the particular requirements of our clients.

Key features:

  • Affordable
  • Timer controlled
  • Easily cleaned

A timer controlled pet feeder which is easy to clean and affordable

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  1. Petsafe feeder

The Digital Two Meal Automatic Pet Feeder is the perfect option for active pet parents to understand the requirements of your working timetable. Your furry friends will never again skip a dinner as the Automatic Pet Feeder enables dinners to be scheduled up to four days ahead, offering customers the ease of mind even in the hardest moments. Using the LCD display and the Digital Timer setting, mealtimes are trouble-free and fully adaptable to the needs of your pet, with every 200 g served exclusively for your pet at the best times.

For convenient, trouble-free cleaning, the Digital Two Meal Pet Feeder’s dual trays can be washed in the dishwasher Pet’s Meal Times can be programmed in the Feeder up to 4 days in advance. For busy pet parents, the automatic pet feeder keeps your furry friends fed, even while you’re out and about, making sure that your pets don’t go hungry.

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Trouble-free cleaning
  • Affordable

An easy to clean and easy to use pet feeder for the best cats-$

  1. YGJT automatic cat feeder

Using the Automatic pet carrier from YGJT is very easy: 1fille the water in 2screw the box tightly upside down 3turn and closely insert it into the foundation. For the dry food dispenser, there’s a big cap on the top (BATTERY NOT NEEDED) where you’ll have to shake the food dispenser a little bit to help the food fall off due to hot weather (the food gets stuck at the exit after getting wet.) Each feeder can contain 3.75L of water or food (JUST FOR DRY FOOD), large enough for your puppy dogs or cats to eat for at least a week. Each food or food dispenser is intended with the initial layout to ensure that water and food can fall fluently and will not spill anywhere.

Key features:

  • No need for battery,
  • Easy to use,
  • affordable

An affordable and easy to use cat feeder that requires no batteries

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  1. Puppy kitty automatic feeder

The instant pet store lets you supply your dog or cat with up to 4 dishes a day. You can adjust the moment and part volume with a broad spectrum of features.

The cooler remains in place with non-slip rubber feet on the bottom. We suggest using present energy and batteries simultaneously in the event of power off. When your house is power outage, the automatic pet feeder could work normally with batteries.6.5L of food capacity; enough for a cat to eat for a month. You can schedule up to 4 meals; dispense from 1-39 servings per meal, each serving is 10 g (10-390 g), you can put it to your pet’s needs.

Key features:

  • Battery operated,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Enough quantity

A battery-operated easy to clean feeder with enough quantity to fill your pet’s tummy-$

  1. Andrew James pet feeder

It is a handy, instant feeder that facilitates the timely feeding of your animals. Stop thinking about who supplied the cat or if your dog gets served on time. This fully programmable pet handler automatically provides each dinner to your animals depending on the part and timetable you specified. Most wet kibble pet products are used by the user. With versatile parts of 10 snacks per day, you can customize your pet’s food. With portion control and continuous eating schedule, it’s simple to handle your pet’s weight or assist your overweight pet with weight loss.

Up to 4 snacks a day, each meal dispenses from 1-39 Portions, Each Portion is around 10-12 g, Simply choose Your Portion Size & Unit Dispenses Dry Meals. Accurately eating once you put this pet and pet handler and up to 4 meals a day can be planned to assist your animals to maintain healthy nutrition. Constructed in infrared identification that can stop food from being locked, let your animals appreciate the dishes. This system can fit any other dry fruit shapes, but the size of the food cannot reach 0.39″* 0.39″ (1 cm*1 cm), otherwise, the food may be stuck in the pocket.

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Accurate proportions

A feeder that offers equal proportions of meal

6. AMZ deal cat feeder

This instant cat handler provides 1-39 parts per dinner with tiny grids to maintain a healthy diet for cats and dogs. Please come to us if you don’t really have any concept to put it. The automatic cat feeder provides flexible amounts from 1 to 39 servings per meal, 5 g for 1 serving, enables 4 dishes per day to be given, the control panel can specify the quantity of food. Built-in Voice Recorder and Speaker, this timed cat feeder can record your speech to call pets for meals for 12 seconds, he/she won’t feel solitary if they hear their owner’s voice at mealtime. Adopt environmentally friendly meal content, this cat food dispenser is safe enough to eat your animals, give pleased eating knowledge to your beautiful pet. You only have to waste some time learning how to program first, the smart handler will memorize the configuration method in your last use.

Key feature:

  • Automatic,
  • Easy to use,
  • Memory function

An automatic cat feeder with memory function to offer food on regular intervals

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  1. Automatic feeder for pets

Automatic meat dispenser allows eating trouble safe for the safety and well-being of the nutritional animals. Customizable, the excellent hunter for cats and dogs of tiny and medium magnitude. Dispense 1-10 servings per dinner. Every piece is 10g/24ml. Set up to 4 warnings per day. Only distribute dry meals. Beeping warning reminds the meat cabinet to be refilled.  Record up to 20 seconds of private dinner call and game 3 times before eating begins. The sensor inside to automatically prevent eating once the meat is in the meal basket in excess of 13 parts. The feeder comes with a Blue LCD backlight screen with a touch panel command. The safety magnetic cover guarantees that the stock of your animals does not loose. Co-storage of removable meat

Get your valuable pet with the creative GoHiking Automatic Pet Food Dispenser on a coherent diet plan. Provide food for your animal throughout the day. And the parts regulated assistance keep their weight safe!

Key features:

  • Affordable,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Easy to use

An affordable and easy to use cat feeder that will never leave your pet starving-$$

  1. Honey guardian pet feeder

HoneyGuaridan Pet handler is an instant and safe device that utilizes rotating paddles that exactly dispense most of the wet meals (not more than 0.39″*0.39). In addition, elevated dispenser port and twist-lock door discourage extra-food hunting of your animals, particularly intelligent cats. This device can carry all at once 12 cups of meat in the translucent hopper, and you can see how much meat is remaining; it can usually fulfill the necessity of a medium-sized dog or cat one week.

At the HoneyGuaridan brand, they are enthusiastic about developing creative social, containment and leisure item alternatives to offer you more great moments with your animals. We understand profoundly and practice how comfortable living with animals is, so HoneyGuaridan is not only a brand of pet products but also a bridge of faith and desire to connect individuals in harmony with animals.

Your pet will never be left starving even if you forget to feed her with food as the automatic cat feeder will help you in providing food to it even in your absence. The product comes with a 24-month guarantee and 6 months replacement warranty from the manufacturer.

Key features:

  • Easy to use,
  • Timer operated,
  • Affordable

An easy to use cat feeder with a timer to feed your cat on time

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  1. Pet mate food dispenser

The Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Pet Feeder was intended not only for comfort but also for the safety of your animals. The pet carrier can guarantee that your pet gets its recommended daily intake of meat to avoid overfeeding, meat wastage and wellness issues. The handler can program three distinct sizes of dishes, which also has the capacity to allow dishes to be delivered before the scheduled moment. It has an easy to use LCD screen power and is suitable for tiny animals and cats.

The product can be bought in many colors according to the choice of your pet. Pet Mate is a major company under the CAT MATE, DOG MATE and FISH MATE labels of creative products for animals and lakes. Pet Mate develops and technicians marketed value products at affordable rates and is worthy of a second to none stage of customer service that is the cornerstone of the philosophy of Pet Mate. Pet Mate thinks that with the finest layout and thorough research and development centered in the UK, the highest value begins.

Key features:

  • Easy to use,
  • Automatic,
  • Vibrant colors

A cat feeder that is available in 8 different colors and is easy to use

  1. PetSafe Automatic cat feeder

The Healthy Pet Simply Feed is a fully programmable, easy, stress-free route to eat your pet and make living easier. It eats the part of your pet automatically and plan whether you’re awake, at the job, or back. The Healthy Pet Simply Feed architecture holds you and your animal in mind with its smooth style and sophisticated characteristics. An advanced conveyor provides most fresh and semi-moist products for optimum portion control and precision, while the pet-proof dispenser prevents your pet from accessing the meat. The distinctive choice of Slow Feed is a perfect solution for a pet that feeds too quickly to avoid bloat and vomiting.

Program up to twelve dishes a day. Flexible parts of food enable 29 ml to 946 ml of fresh and semi-humid food. The translucent hopper carries up to 5,678 ml of fresh meat for storage. Modes include Slow Feed to avoid dining too fast, Immediate Feed for immediate snacks and Pause Feed to momentarily stop feeding without altering the processing schedule for your pet. Easy navigation and preset dog/cat models enable for fast programming. Some feeder components are secure for dishwasher.

Key factor:

  • Timer control
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to wash

A timer-controlled automatic cat feeder that is perfectly safe and easy to wash

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