Humans that live on the surface of this earth actually can not escape 100% of the name stress.

Various mixed feelings have been felt such as anger, frustration, loneliness, anxiety, uneasy thoughts, and the like.

Various stresses in life can cause stress. Even a strange phenomenon, too serious playing games can also cause stress (because frustration continues to lose the game).

Of course, chronic stress must be tried to avoid, because stress conditions can be dangerous in terms of health and psychological aspects.

Immediately, the following below are various ways to relieve stress:

1. Find Out What Makes You Stress

You need to ponder or find out things that trigger stress on you. Write down things that trigger your stress, from the biggest to the smallest

That way, you have mapped out various things that disturb your psychology, which later the data is very necessary for anticipating stress.

Use the data/notes in taking whatever steps are needed to avoid and fight stress.

Put the “special” note in a place where you can easily reach it.

In general, people who are in a state of stress feel very uncomfortable and have certain mental disorders.

Some common things that cause stress are work pressure that builds up, economic problems, family relations that are not harmonious, and many more.

2. Immediately Rest If Stress Due to Tiredness Stress

Conditions cause a person’s emotional and physical to be unstable, so do not force work when in such conditions.

By resting (even if only for a moment), it provides the least benefit to relieve stress. This is very important, so you avoid stress conditions with severe levels.

Rest is very important because it influences one’s mood. The benefits of rest are felt when someone is doing very tiring activities.

That way, resting at the time needed is very important, not only beneficial for relieving sleepiness, but also very good for mental and physical health.

As forcing yourself to work without adequate rest, will cause someone to get angry easily, difficult to concentrate, impatience, until finally triggering severe stress.

3. Confide and Take Out All Gaps

If you experience a severe problem, then try not to bury feelings.

You should expel all your grievances, find the right person and can provide solutions to the problems faced.

Remember! Make sure you confide in people who can be trusted, ie people who do not spread your confidential privacy.

Tell your vent friends about feelings that bother you, this is very important in order to make you relieved, and you can avoid stress.

In addition, in today’s digital world is highly developed, you can use it. A study found that expressing oneself through writing can help a person deal with the stressful situations he faces.

The study also found that expressing feelings on a piece of paper (also including writing digitally) can cool the brain and help relieve stress effectively.

That way, if you don’t find the right person to cheat, at least you are expressing the conditions that you are facing on a sheet of paper or in Microsoft Word.

4. Bathing or Soaking in Warm Water

In addition to cleaning the body, bathing is very effective as a self-calming therapy. Although bathing has been done routinely, but at certain times (where stress arises suddenly) then you can take a shower immediately so that later the stress immediately subsides.

Therefore, when the mind is cramped, then don’t be lazy to take a shower. By bathing, your condition will be guaranteed to improve, God willing.

Bathing can remove residual dust, dirt and sweat that sticks to the body, but it will also refresh the mind.

When the body feels hot, hot and the like it will trigger a feeling of wanting to get angry. Well, bathing is the best natural way to relieve negative feelings in yourself.

In addition, a warm bath in the bathtub is also a good choice to relax and relieve stress.

You can occasionally take a bath in warm water when stress strikes. No need for long, about 10 minutes is good enough.

Work pressure and tight schedules in the office cause stress. The condition is made worse by the congestion and pollution found every day.

If these conditions cause severe stress then don’t hesitate to take a bath immediately in warm water after work.

Soaking in warm water will relax the body, and the mind will feel fresher. In addition, it is expected that soaking in warm water can overcome the problem of insomnia.

Where insomnia (insomnia) is related to stress. People who have difficulty sleeping so during the day they are at high risk of being stressed.

So there are many benefits that can be obtained from a warm bath.

5. Avoid wasteful nature

Not infrequently people fall into mistakes in the form of following the latest lifestyle trends blindly, so it becomes very wasteful in spending their finances.

One example is buying goods that are not actually needed. People who have a wasteful nature generally also have the nature of never feeling enough and less grateful.

Feeling less grateful for what has been achieved is what causes a person often exposed to stress. This stress should not need to happen.

Constantly feeling less often is why a person is stressed. Where he will be frustrated when the goal is not reached.

His money had run out, while many of his desires had not yet been realized.

In addition, people also often become stressed and frustrated due to debt due to wasteful behaviour. Greater expenditure than income can be a cause of stress.

Another thing, wasteful people will be too busy looking for material possessions to be able to meet their needs. Excessive work also triggers stress.

Wasteful people also tend to have various negative traits such as arrogance, jealousy, stingy, and envy, which makes them suffer more because of these negative qualities.

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6. Have at least one activity that you like

Try to ponder for a moment to remember about the activities that you are most interested in. If you can then keep on remembering, just write down if you worry about forgetting
15 Ways to Get Rid of Stress Quickly & Effectively
Doing things that are loved or liked can be very helpful in relieving stress. If you can, your activities can relax your body and mind, and even better if they are of great benefit to your life.

But if your activity is only a hobby, that’s okay. Doing a hobby is enough to be able to get pleasure and become its own entertainment for the soul and mind.

Doing a hobby makes someone more excited. If you like playing soccer, futsal, basketball, volleyball, horseback riding, or whatever, then that’s great.

Other activities that you can do are read a book of knowledge, learn a foreign language, study art, learn programming, photography, vlogger, paint, sew and much more.

7. Walk for a while to see the surrounding scenery while breathing fresh air

If you experience stress due to crowded and bored thoughts, then the treatment can be by going out of the house (try to find a green place) while enjoying the air outside the room.

This will be able to quickly get rid of stuffiness. Go to a place with fresh air, even better if the place has a beautiful view that is soothing to the soul.

It is also good to walk in the morning cool, but there is morning sun. If you have free time doing this, because the benefits will be more soothing to the soul.

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8. Morning Sports

Point 8 is still related to the previous point. Sports should be done in the morning because the morning sun is very healthy for the body.

A researcher named Tara Kraft from the University of Kansas explains that a smile is an indicator of one’s happiness. A smile is very effective as a “natural remedy” for stress, which keeps a person happy.

Research by Kraft and his team was published in the journal Psychological Science, which concluded that a smile can relieve stress.

“So, if you get stuck in traffic or stress because of something else, try to hold a smile for just a few moments,” advises one of the research team, Sarah Pressman.

In general, smiling can improve mood and make a person more calm and peaceful.

9. Do not Procrastinate Tasks or Work

Not infrequently stress arises due to procrastinating work that eventually piles up. If you want to always be calm then don’t let your work build up.

The nature of procrastination is very dangerous, the work that piled up causing the work would feel burdensome and difficult, so the results of the work became unsatisfactory. Things like this can trigger stress.

Doing work in a hurry can bring stress, besides that unsatisfactory work results will further aggravate the stress experienced.

Every time you have the opportunity to do a task, then don’t procrastinate. Doing the task at the beginning will satisfy the heart, and prevent the emergence of stress.

10. Drinking-Water

Stress causes disruption in the production of several hormones, including the hormone aldosterone which functions in regulating fluid levels in the body.

The low production of the hormone aldosterone causes the risk of dehydration in the body, the effect of which is increasing levels of stress-inducing cortisol.

High levels of cortisol also trigger depression and other mental disorders. Drinking lots of water is expected to relieve stress quickly, and also avoid dehydration.

11. Chewing Chewing

From the article entitled The Chewing Chewing Gum Can Eliminate Stress, that chewing gum is now not just for style, where there are benefits that are quite important.

Chewing gum can help relieve stress and anxiety. Where in a study found that chewing gum regularly every day for two weeks can reduce the risk of anxiety significantly.

The level of anxiety and other negative feelings almost all disappear gradually just by chewing gum.

Chewing gum can also improve mood and make it easier for you to smile.

In addition, one of the important benefits of chewing gum is that it can reduce cortisol levels, known as stress hormones.

The study found that cortisol levels can be reduced when saliva comes out while chewing gum.

Chewing gum can also facilitate blood flow to the brain. In fact, studies have found that people who routinely chew gum experience an increased ability to recall information.

Although gum has many benefits, but remember that avoid chewing gum too often because it contains sugar and is not good for oral health.

12. Make Regularly Daily Schedule

Work piling up and a messy work schedule will cause stress to come. Therefore, it is very important to be able to manage your daily activities as well as possible.

If you can write the most important daily activity schedule so that you are prevented from neglecting it. Make sure you are able to manage your time so that all-important tasks can be completed in a timely manner.

In addition, avoid excess busyness which impacts increase the risk of stress. Consider carefully about the work that can be completed according to your ability.

13. Washing Dishes

Doing homework such as washing dishes, sweeping, mopping, or wiping the glass provides health benefits.

Experts explain that washing dishes with a calm and happy heart can relieve stress and anxiety.

A study conducted by researchers at Florida State University found that routine washing dishes can reduce stress.

Some experts also explain that by washing dishes one can get inspiration or think more focused.

However, it was explained that a person’s soul wants to get the benefits of relieving stress, then having to do the dishes with grace or without burden.

In other words, you should do the dishes in the most relaxed atmosphere possible. To make it more fun, then use a dish soap that smells of fragrant oranges or lemons.

14. Keep yourself from bad things

In order to avoid as far as possible from the problem of stress, then make sure you get enough sleep and prioritize the consumption of foods that are healthy and nutritious.

Avoid bad things like smoking, instant food or junk food, alcoholic drinks, to the worst, which are illegal drugs.


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