Dengue Fever –

Dengue Fever is spread by the bite of female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. This mosquito has a cheetah-like stripe on top of it, hence it is also called Tiger mosquito. It can be easily identified. They prefer to live in clear water and darkness and cannot fly at high altitudes due to which they thrive at 50 meters from where they thrive, while female anaphylid mosquitoes can travel 2-3 kilometers. Aedes mosquitoes bite both day and night (Day biter) and they bite as soon as they sit on the human body. This mosquito is a small and black color, it is about 5 millimeters in size.

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In INDIA National Dengue Day is observed every year on 16 May by the Ministry of Health, Government of India. Dengue can also be hemorrhagic due to which the person may be bleeding from any part of the person.

Symptoms of Dengue fever –

Symptoms of dengue fever appear within 6 to 7 days of the Aedes mosquito bite. Following are the symptoms of this fever –

What is dengue fever

  • High or bone-breaking fever occurs above 100 degrees,
  • There is a pain in the muscles and joints,
  • Headache and pain behind the eyes,
  • It causes nausea and rash on the skin.

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Dengue fever test –

NS1 AntigenTest – In this test, a virus antigen is detected in the blood of the patient, if it is a virus antigen, then the patient has dengue.

PCR test – If the PCR test comes positive then the patient has dengue fever.

IgG & IgM test – Dengue fever occurs if the patient is IgM positive and IgG negative. And if both IgG and IgM are positive, then the person has dengue and if IgM is negative and IgG positive, then it means that the person has had dengue before.

CBC test – (Complete blood count test). The number of platelets is seen in it. Normal platelets are 1 lakh to 4 lakhs. If less than 1 lakhs, the risk of dengue fever increases.

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Treatment of Dengue Fever –

In this case, treatment should be started on the advice of a doctor. It should not take too many Antibiotics. Only paracetamol should be taken in 4 – 4 hours. If fever is excessive, keep a wet bandage on your head, drink more water, get dressed in full-body, do not have water stored near the house.

Home remedies –

  • One should eat Giloi (गिलोई) juice and basil leaves,
  • Eat coconut water and papaya,
  • Goat milk is also beneficial.

There is no scientific reason for the above mentioned domestic treatment, but taking them increases the number of platelets in the body, thereby curing dengue fever quickly.



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