What is a neck pain

One of the most common types of pains in the general public is the neck pain. At any given time a majority of the population suffers from neck pain. 50% of people suffer from chronic neck pain. When a pain lasts for more than six months, it is called chronic pain. Avoid taking big pillows at night during sleep, as they are a very common cause of getting neck pains.

Most people who suffer from neck pain complain it to be a persistent pain. The pain can be a stabbing pain or a burning pain depending on case to case. One also complains about the painful area as a sensitive to touch area where a pain increases at the touch by hand. A mild pressure seems to hurt more than normal. as a result of neck pain sometimes the pain travels to the head or the shoulders. Headache can also result in chronic neck pain.


The chronic neck pain is due to the degenerative changes in the spine or central sensitization of both. Most health care experts say that there is no cure for chronic neck pain.

Three main goals are set up for chronic neck pain

  • Reduce pain
  • Improve function such as returning to work
  • Reducing reliance on the healthcare system

A wide number of therapies and procedures are developed for the treatment of chronic neck pains. It’s important to know how effective these procedures of treatment have been.

Physical therapy

According to a recent analysis, it is found that therapeutic exercise has considerable effect on general neck pain. They state that the results of their studies are parallel to the results of previous similar studies.

Epidural steroid injections

These injections are to be administered under the strict supervision of healthcare consultants. They give instant relief but it is advisable to avoid such steroid injections. There are chances of grieve side effects of these steroids are not monitored properly or under the expert supervision of a medical consultant.

The most common and easier way to get rid of neck pain is to take a pain killer or get an inflammatory ointment massage. There are many pain killers available in the market, but care should be taken that get the pain killer prescribed from a medical practitioner. Similarly, do not rub any available ointment on your neck, get it prescribed from a doctor and then procure it. Rub the ointment very gently in a manner that the ointment is absorbed deep into the skin of the neck. Also, be careful of the other instructions written on the box or instructions slip in the box. Any wrong usage can accelerate the pain or cause some grievous side effects.

It is advisable in any circumstance of pain or any other medical disorder to first consult a medical practitioner and then proceed further according to his advice.

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